‘A Lifetime of Pain’: How to Get Out of a Painful Relationship

  • July 4, 2021

The pain you feel is not a disease.

It’s your body.

You have no control over it.

It happens to everyone.

You may not have the same pain as someone else.

That’s OK.

You can recover.

You’ll just have to start with the basics.

Here are some things you should know about pain, and how to get out of a painful relationship.


Pain is your body’s way of telling you how to feel.

This is not just about how much pain you’re in, but how much of it you can handle.

“Pain is a way of signalling that you need to take action,” says Dr. Robert L. Blum, a clinical professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and author of the book, “Pain, Pain and the Healing Process.”

If you’re getting the pain from other people, you may be feeling a lot of pain, too.

“You’re telling your body that, I’m not going to take care of this anymore.

I’m going to get it out of me,” he says.


Pain doesn’t have to be physical.

In fact, there’s no reason to feel bad about feeling pain.

It can be psychological or emotional.

“The fact that your pain is perceived as painful is not bad.

It just means that your brain is working on something,” Blum says.


You don’t have control over your pain.

Your pain can be a signal to your partner that you’re feeling bad, and it can also be a way to communicate that you don’t like it.

“If you’re having a really hard time controlling your pain, your pain might be a form of communication.

It might be, ‘Oh, it’s just too much.

It doesn’t matter,'” Blum explains.

“And then the other person could respond, ‘Well, you’re right, it is too much.'”


Pain can be temporary.

You might feel bad for a few days, and then you might feel better.

The pain is temporary.

It may be the result of a medical condition or a bad decision you made, or you might just be feeling better after a long period of pain.


There’s no magic pill.

No doctor will be able to tell you what’s best for your pain and how long to wait for relief.

“Your body will tell you that it needs more time, and the only way to know what’s the best way is to look at your own experience,” Bluess says.

“What is the best treatment for me?

What are the most effective ways to get relief?

What is the most comfortable way to get pain?

What about what’s going to help me feel better?

That’s all up to you.”

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